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497 Main Street

Presque Isle, ME


Our Presque Isle location has been open since September 2022.

At this location we currently offer kids Jiu Jiu Jitsu and beginners level adult Jiu Jitsu classes.

Adult students need to go through our 5 week intro to Jiu Jitsu course before signing up for the beginners classes offered at Presque Isle.

The Presque Isle Gym is owned by two of our blue belts Rob Mockler and Justin Michaud who continue to 

train at our main gym in Caribou. Adult beginner's classes are taught by Rob and Justin teaches the kids Jiu Jitsu classes under the supervision and guidance of our head instructor and black belt Sean Cerveny. Sean

also teaches a gi class at the Presque Isle gym once a week. 

As Rob and Justin continue their training and improve in skill and rank, they will be offering more advanced classes in the future. 

Current Schedule


Kids Class:

Tuesday and Thursday 4.30pm (Justin)


Adults Beginners Classes:

Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm (Rob/ Justin)

Sunday: 8am (Gi Class taught by Sean Cerveny)


Regular Membership Price:


Family/ Group Prices:

1st Person: $120Month

2nd Person: $100/Month

3rd and any additional person: $75/Month

First Responders/ Active Duty Military


Drop in rate:



The membership includes access to all classes offered at the Presque Isle location.

In addition,  if you are signed up in Presque Isle,  you can also train at our main gym in Caribou at no extra cost on the days Presque Isle does not have any classes. On days there is class in Presque Isle, you must attend class in Presque Isle and not Caribou.

Anyone signed up at our main gym in Caribou can also train in Presque Isle.

Any other questions can be directed to the Presque Isle gym. 




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