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As a Graciefighter school, our main focus is Jiu Jitsu. We focus on real life situations and teach techniques that have been proven effective time after time. In our Jiu Jitsu class, you will learn takedowns, maintaining control of your opponent, transitioning to a dominant position, submissions that include chokes and joint locks as well as how to defend and counter these situations. You will learn to control and neutralize larger and stronger opponents.

We are a mostly no gi school, but offer gi classes a couple of nights a week as it is important to train both. We offer beginners, all levels and advanced classes.  All of our classes start with a warm up that includes light calisthenics and mat drills before we go over and practice technique. Our Jiu Jitsu classes include sparring (rolling in Jiu Jitsu lingo) where students put their skills to test with resisting training partners. Sparring with a training partner that is resisting and countering moves just as they would in a real fight in a safe environment, provides our students with real world experience should they ever have to use Jiu Jitsu in a real life self defense situation. 

Our Jiu Jitsu classes are open to anyone ages 12 and up. 


Wrestling is an essential skill for any complete martial artist. It emphasizes takedown, takedown defense and control of your opponent. It lets you decide where the fight takes place, whether you want to keep it standing or take it to the ground. Competing in the sport of wrestling teaches many valuable lessons such as hard work and perseverance. 

Our wrestling is very much incorporated into our Jiu Jitsu classes and we mainly focus on wrestling for Jiu Jitsu and MMA. For those who are interested in folkstyle or freestyle wrestling, we offer small group classes and private classes so contact us if you are interested in just wrestling. 


 Wrestling will help improve takedowns and takedown defense, will give you advantage in scrambles and maintaining top control, improve cardio and help develop a strong grappling base. 

Whether you want to just wrestle, supplement Jiu Jitsu, get a great workout or just want to try something new, all are welcome to stop by and try a class. 


Boxing, also known as the "sweet science", is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports. In our classes, we focus on footwork, head movement and punches for offensive as well as defensive purposes. 

Whether you're completely new to martial arts and just discovering which martial art to train, or if you're a seasoned practitioner in another art, learning boxing can benefit everyone.

Boxing is one of the purest martial arts forms, it's highly effective in MMA as well as self defense situations where you don't want to or can't get the fight to the ground. Boxing builds confidence, teaches mental toughness, discipline, precision, improves reflexes and coordination. 

We offer beginners as well as more advanced boxing classes to suit the needs of any level. Our boxing classes are open to kids, teens and adults. 



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact sport that uses techniques from multiple combat sports and martial art disciplines, and allows both striking, kicks and grappling, both on the ground and standing. 

Our MMA program focuses on building well rounded fighters and helps teach students how to put together elements from multiple disciplines in an effective way. We help you build a solid ground game utilizing techniques from multiple grappling arts (jiu jitsu, wrestling, catch-wrestling and sambo) as well as focus on striking (boxing and kickboxing). If you have aspirations to fight professionally, we have the first hand experience required to help you achieve that goal and will walk you through every step along the way including conditioning, nutrition and weight cuts. 

Our MMA classes are not only for students who want to go on to become pro fighters, our classes are open to everyone who wants to be prepared for self defense in any situation, anyone who wants to be a well rounded Martial Artist and anyone who wants an intense workout. 


At Graciefighter Caribou, we are committed to all aspects of health and fitness. 

In addition to our classes above, we offer fitness classes that will get you in better shape no matter your starting fitness level. Our fitness classes are based on functional exercises that focus on improving cardio, strength and conditioning specifically for MMA and grappling arts. Whether you want to develop a base level of fitness, lose weight, get in shape, or have an edge over your competitors, we can work with you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our fitness classes aren't only for people who train martial arts. These classes are open to anyone who wants to get a workout. 

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