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Our next Kettlebell Conditioning block is 6 weeks long and starts April 2nd and runs through May 11th. This course is a great way to wake your body up from winter and get ready for summer. 

Classes are Tuesday and Thursdays at 730 PM, Saturdays at 7PM. 

The cost is $150 or $15 to drop in if you can't commit to the full program. 

We run different challenges and kettlebell courses throughout the year so if you can't make it to this one, check back for the next one in summer. 

For this specific course:

- Beginners are welcome. No prior experience needed.

- You don't need to be in shape or be at a certain fitness level to do this class. We have people of all ages and fitness levels who do this class. There are modifications to most moves we do to suit every experience level from super beginner to advanced. 

- Both men and women are welcome. 

- This is a cardio based full body workout that incorporates both bodyweight and kettlebell exercises. 

- These classes are beginner friendly, yet challenging. You will push yourself and work hard with a great group of supportive people. 

- The classes are about 45 minutes long including warmups. 


If you are signed up for this class:
- Show up on the first day wearing workout clothes.

- Bring water. You will need it. 

- Bring a towel. We will be sweating.

- If you are signed up for the full 6 week course, you don't need to bring your own kettlebell, we will have one for you. If you have your own, please bring it even if it's not the weight you will be using.  Classes have been big so although we have a good amount of kettlebells at the gym, it's nice to have the extras when possible. 

- If you are not signed up and are just dropping in please bring your own kettlebell. Walmart has them at a reasonable price.  Our fitness classes have grown a lot. Priority will be given to people who are signed up for the full 6 week course. Though we may have some extra kettlebells, we can't guarantee you one. If you are unable to get a kettlebell and we end up not having one for you, we can show you some modified body weight versions and you will still get a great workout. 

- What weight kettlebell to get?  If you are brand new to working out most girls start with a 10lb and guys with a 20lb. If you are more experienced, I recommend a 15 or 20 for girls and and 25 or 30 for most guys. 


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